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Accessing the heart and soul through Runes with Chi Ball Exercise; The Four Elements Cast:
Chose a question and come to the exercise with clarity on what this question may be, for starters. You could ask simply, what will this day bring for me? You may have a deeper issue to request assistance with.
1. Fire; action to be taken, to be realized from the spiritual plane.
2. Water; feelings to adjust, to be realized from the emotional place.
3. Air; considerations to think about, to be realized from the mental plane.
4. Earth; the roots of the situation, to be realized from the physical plane.
Realize – Release – Relief – Restore:
Have your Rune set near where you can reach it easily. Your Runes in a bag so that you can pull the 4
Create a chi ball of energy by rubbing the palms of the hands together briskly until you feel the heat build. Slowly spread your palms apart about 2″ feeling the energy between the palms. Cup the hands and keep fingers together.
Now as the palms face one another, move them closer to one another, then further away – about 6″ – as you continue this exercise you will feel the heat build, you may feel a tingling sensation, an energetic pull like they are magnetized.
With your palms still facing one another fill and surround your Runes with this energy!
Choose 4 Runes one at a time from the Rune bag.
1. Action to be taken – Realize
2. Feelings to adjust – Release
3. Considerations to think about – Relief
4. Roots of situation – Restore
Sit with this energy as you come to your realization. Decide to release or not. To adjust. Are you finding any relief in your adjustment? What considerations come up for you? Jot them down. Look at the root of the situation with a newly found realization.
I pulled:
1. Isaz – Reflection.
2. Raidho – Destiny.
3. Ansuz – Wisdom.
4. Wunjo – Joy.
Reflection as an action. Thoughts create feelings. – Realize.
Feelings to adjust, moving forward; reaching an imagined destiny. – Release; let go and flow.
Considering the wisdom brought about on my journey and reflections. – Relief. Wisdom of the heart and soul.
The roots being deep and lasting joy. – Restore. Balance. Ground.


An example of Lithomancy. The psychic art of reading stones. This is one of the oldest form of divination.


I chose Health – Abundance – Direction & Relationships cards to find more information about, using a handful of stones that I chose from my collection. You could do less or more of your choosing.

Choose a few stones to dowse with; toss them out as a group. Where do they land? Which card to they land nearest to? Furthest from? Are any landing between cards? Is there a group of stones landing together?

Read the stones going clock wise.

We can see that the Chrysocolla stone ‘has left the building’ so to speak. Does this mean that the metaphysical energy of this stone is on it’s way out or in; both? We can come back to this.

Let’s start with the Tiger Eye: Balance, discernment, vitality, strength, practicality. Chakras: Solar Plexus – 3rd – Sacral – 2nd and Root – 1st. Element: Fire & Wind.

This stone – Tiger Eye – has landed beneath the card Health.

Chrysocolla is above Health off to the right. Communication – Sacred expression – Goddess energies – Gentleness & power. Element: Water. Chakras: Throat (5th) – Heart (4th) and Root (1st).

Orange Calcite has landed close to the Abundance card. Creativity – Sexuality – Confidence – Innovation. Element: Fire. Chakras: Sacral (2nd) and Solar Plexus (3rd).

As we move along going clock wise we see a grouping of stones that have landed directly on the card Direction.

Lapis Lazuli landed on the upper right hand side of this card. Inner vision. Truthful communication. Higher mind activation. Element: Wind. Chakras: Third Eye (6th) and Throat (5th).

Next in this grouping and under Lapis Lazuli is Garnet. Strength. Security. Grounding. Tangible truth. Abundance. Chakra: Root (1st) Element: Earth.

Off to the left of Lapis Lazuli and Garnet but still directly on Direction card is Labradorite. Magic. Protection. Innate inner powers. Element: Wind. Chakras: All.

Near Relationships card, to the right center is Lepidolite. Emotional health. Balance. Serenity. Stress relief. Relaxation. Purification. Element: Water. Chakras – All especially Heart (4th) and (6th) Third Eye.

In between Health and Relationship cards is Stilbite. Clarity. Expansion of self-sense. Inner peace. Love vibration. Enhances one’s dreams. Chakras: Heart (4th) – Third Eye (6th) – Crown (7th).

Interpretation is relative to the perception of the individual and their circumstances whether reading for self or others.

Its fun – entertaining – expansive. We can practice getting to know ourselves and others energies.

It can be as light or deep as you like.

What do you see? –



An ancient idea to do with that collection of gemstone you have gathered.. Choose the ones you feel most drawn to to use in Lithomancy; the psychic art of readings tones. It is one of the oldest forms of divination.

Choose a few stones to dowse with; toss them out as a group. Where do they land? Which card to they land nearest to? Furthest from? Are any landing between cards? Is there a group of stones landing together?

Shadows of Awareness: Honor Your Process

Michele Nappi –

There are times when we feel tormented by our own minds; our shadow side, if you will. Some have called this our inner demons. Sometimes the only thing we can do is wait it out. Meanwhile, we can do the best we can do to take well care of ourselves so that we do less damage to ourselves and others. Even saying this may feel scary to some.

The shadow side simply means the unconscious self and or the belief in parts of ourselves that we don’t want to face.

Sometimes are worst fears do come true. How are we prepared to handle them when they come about?

We may call this ascension. Expansion. Becoming. Being. Presence.

What ever we choose to call it, we can muster the courage and strength to face these inner demons, we can realize, release, and find relief.

How does anything grow? Is flora and fauna aware of their expansion and growth? What would it look like? Do we imagine our physical body growing or does it just happen? As we grow physically we suffer aches and pains of stretching and rending our bodies.

What does this look like as emotional, mental, and spiritual growth?

Some use growth charts to measure the physical body. What chart do we use to measure our emotional achievements? We are graded on our mental/intellectual achievements as we take tests, as we do a job.

How do we test our emotional strengths? Our inner heart? Our soul? Is this the suffering and pain we most fear to challenge?

We know ourselves where we want to know ourselves emotionally. What do we do with the energy that gets accumulated as we focus on not knowing the parts of us we fear the most?

Our patterns show. Other may see our patterns much more clearly than we can. They are not as emotionally connected to them as we are. Knowing this may cause us to feel triggered. Triggered deeper into our own psyche.

Awareness allows us an opportunity. Discipline, intelligence, and sensitivity allows surrender to the beast within.

During the ascension process changes are occuring on all evels of your being. Ascension is a completely natural universal evolutionary process. As one shifts in vibrational frequency and as their awareness expands, symptoms are experienced on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Ascension symptoms are not a direct result of the higher energies of light, but rather they are a result of holding onto limitations and resistance in the mind and body. We are literally constricting in fear of expansion, even though we have chosen this process. This is the way of the warrior!

Reiki Attunements: My experiences. Seeing aura around husband and dog as they entered house.

Knowing my daughers thought and hearing them as if said aloud about wanting a fudgsicle before dinner.

Instantaneous revelations: Born with expanded sensitivities. Seeing hearing feeling knowing, etc. spirit. Ex.

During meditation: As we release our hold on our senses and focus on our breathing, we expand our consciousness. Like sleeping and dreaming, meditation can bring us that which we believed to be hidden. We can have a virtual reality in this state of mind. Visit with the deceased, act out a fantasy, realize a goal, received information that seems to be miraculous. (What do miracles, humor, and tragedy have in common? They are all unexpected.)

Visitations: Experiencing the unexperienced. Having visions. An expanded view of reality. Knowing things that others seem to be afraid to hear about. Being afraid to talk about our experiences. Not feeling like you want to conform any longer. Feeling like a rebel. What does this bring up for you? For others?

What are some of this ascension symptoms;

Becoming more sensitive. Seeming more emotional. Crying. Laughing hysterically. Anger. Retreating. Wanting to move. Change jobs, partners, places, friends, etc. Things just don’t seem the same any longer.

Mental thoughts that aren’t attached to anything in particular that is going on. They seem to hang on. They have arisen to heal.

Flu symptoms. Exhaustion.

Feeling of elation.

Reading everything you can get your hands on.

Finding groups of like minded individuals.

Connecting deeper with nature.

Feeling sorry for oneself. Grieving. What are the cycles of grief?


Taking the proverbial one step forward, two steps back to experience the new and reconnect with the old, safety measures.

As you expand you feel the symptoms. You touch the sky and want the earth. You feel spiritual and grieve the physical.

Why does anyone want to go through this?

It may be time to take a break.

When we expand we expand. The symptoms are more about the individual and not all the same.

These are out patterns of behavior showing up to be released. Humans have been taught to hang on to all that we are out of fear. Just in general and to please others. To fit in.

As we realize something within ourselves that we would like to release to find relief we may turn to repetitive things to keep our minds occupied like chopping wood, knitting, cooking from scratch, fishing; casting, creating art, and so forth. These help us feel comforted.

We can ask the Universe any question we would like to and allow space for the answer to come to us in any way that it can.

We can take time off; tell yourself you are taking the next few minutes or longer to give yourself a break.

Exercise; walk, swim, dance, sing, stretch, hydrate, eat well & healthy, etc.

We find ways to have a clear and simple mind.

Any form of therapy you choose is a form of expansion. As we realize, release, to find relief we lighten our load as we call it, we release denser frequency of vibration; material.




As we realize we have reverted under pressure to old ways of being, to ways of being fearful, reacting, and striking out we become alive in awareness. We can cry a bit feeling the vulnerability within as we become knowing. –