It’s not so much the clinging, or the releasing as it is the energy that is carried through each. We may cling or release in ego-state. Cling because that defines us. Now I am this and others will fulfill me. Release because the memory of truth – we want it – we need it – we feel undefined without it. We remain outside of our self. Lost without. We say ‘need’ to define. We say, ‘have to, must, should, got to’, to define ourselves and to ‘make’ our self feel worthy. Surrender to your discontent. Breathe it in. Embrace it in compassionate abiding within yourself. See your heart expand. Your soul. Affect the whole. No one needs to change for you. You don’t need to change for you. You can choose differently and yet, this is still a definition of yourself. When miracles of tragedy happen, we can choose to release all and hold ourselves in stillness. Focus on breathing. Go within and accept where you are at. Soothe yourself through this process. It is all a process of realizing, releasing, finding relief, and Being that still, silent place. In this way the whole is affecting through presence. ~ Michele Nappi