Opening & Expanding the Third Eye Chakra allows for sacred vision and awareness of innate power.
The evening will include Tibetan Singing Bowl Session which Includes drums, rattles, chimes and the vibrational sound of the 6th Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl – Note A – to assist you in attuning to your 6th Chakra – your Third Eye.
There will be discussion and information regarding this precious chakra and it’s spinning life-force energy center!
You will receive a powerful, yet gentle attunement to your third eye during this vibrational sound wave bath, led by Michele Nappi – Psychic Medium/Reiki Master and owner of Moonlight Gifts for Body Mind & Spirit.
Join us for this fun, explorative evening event!
6:30 PM
Moonlight Gifts – 174 Rte 7 S. – Milton, VT 05468
Candles are provided per individual to assist in the honoring of sacred space.
$35 – Cost per person. Please bring a yoga mat and/or something to lay down on for your comfort.
*We will be doing a 5 card Third Eye Spread so bring you Tarot cards! 802- 893 – 9966