Accessing the heart and soul through Runes with Chi Ball Exercise; The Four Elements Cast:
Chose a question and come to the exercise with clarity on what this question may be, for starters. You could ask simply, what will this day bring for me? You may have a deeper issue to request assistance with.
1. Fire; action to be taken, to be realized from the spiritual plane.
2. Water; feelings to adjust, to be realized from the emotional place.
3. Air; considerations to think about, to be realized from the mental plane.
4. Earth; the roots of the situation, to be realized from the physical plane.
Realize – Release – Relief – Restore:
Have your Rune set near where you can reach it easily. Your Runes in a bag so that you can pull the 4
Create a chi ball of energy by rubbing the palms of the hands together briskly until you feel the heat build. Slowly spread your palms apart about 2″ feeling the energy between the palms. Cup the hands and keep fingers together.
Now as the palms face one another, move them closer to one another, then further away – about 6″ – as you continue this exercise you will feel the heat build, you may feel a tingling sensation, an energetic pull like they are magnetized.
With your palms still facing one another fill and surround your Runes with this energy!
Choose 4 Runes one at a time from the Rune bag.
1. Action to be taken – Realize
2. Feelings to adjust – Release
3. Considerations to think about – Relief
4. Roots of situation – Restore
Sit with this energy as you come to your realization. Decide to release or not. To adjust. Are you finding any relief in your adjustment? What considerations come up for you? Jot them down. Look at the root of the situation with a newly found realization.
I pulled:
1. Isaz – Reflection.
2. Raidho – Destiny.
3. Ansuz – Wisdom.
4. Wunjo – Joy.
Reflection as an action. Thoughts create feelings. – Realize.
Feelings to adjust, moving forward; reaching an imagined destiny. – Release; let go and flow.
Considering the wisdom brought about on my journey and reflections. – Relief. Wisdom of the heart and soul.
The roots being deep and lasting joy. – Restore. Balance. Ground.