We go into the formlessness, chaos, and unknown as birth. Being birthed. Birthing. Giving birth to oneself.
Without it there is no life to be aware of. No future, past, etc. No duality-ego.
We become aware in the space of non-dualism by inviting what is within ourselves to show itself.
As we become a tad less fearful we show ourselves within the patterns – the cycles – of non-dualism. The things our ego clings to that we feel make us ‘us.’
As things no longer fit, they feel tight.
As they feel tight, they may chafe at us for as long as we allow this to happen. We wear away at self-ego.
This is giving birth.
It comes and goes as labor pain. We pain in spasms. We suffer the sufferable for the prize at the end of the spasmic aching..
Such relief comes and we rejoice. Some suffer just for this point, to feel the deep, orgasmic ecstasy. of relief.
Discovery. A ray of light shows itself so that we discover patterns of behavior within; showing up without.
As we create space within, as we meditate we allow the unconscious self-ego to show itself. Not to rid of it. To discover what it holds. It’s a gift, though it may sting.
This is how we become wise as the Crone. An accomplished healer in solidarity to light the way for others.
Wisdom, strength, humility within.
Our great fortune is truly who we are in the first place! michelenappi.com