Drew 3 cards from Motherpeace Round Tarot Deck:

8 Discs – 5 Wands – Priestess Cups


On the path; apprentice; adept; having many skills; cooperation. The number 8: Activity; pursuing goals; gathering resources.

Struggle; working problems out through conflict; volcanic eruption in personal life. The number 5: Breaking down form; erosion; changeableness.

Living inside the dream world; creative movement.




Seeing thing in the Land of Duality – ego, is different than BEing within as all-knowing presence. In the flow.

We are what we seek. We are already that. We go through the motions of proving it to ourselves because of our taught-thought conditionings and sentimentality for them.

When we are not aware, we forget and think that ‘this is all there is.’ We may get needy, desperate, ill, lash-out, throw tantrums, feel depressed/repressed/suppressed/oppressed in the denial; repression of our authentic being. We may feel anxious; fear of the future because within we know we cannot or are not trusting of ourselves because of this conditioning even though we know differently (not better – different). We may feel sad; regret of the past because we feel we missed out on ‘what could have been – what could BE when we go within – BE our true nature which is spirit having this material/physical form TEMPORARILY.

Why do you think you know what you know? What is that soft, quiet voice that lurks within that you hear now and again? Compassionate insistence. Awaken. Live life knowing, and yet, earth energy is so sticky. It can be a sticky mess. It can also be a sticky delight. Yet, no thing – no thought that is a thing – a thing is a thought – can BE the all-knowing presence of the all that is and is not.