When we are Reiki; which is always, when we give/send/receive Reiki; which is what we say we are ‘doing’ even with the highest of intentions, it has nothing to do with us in the sense that we may think it does. The energy we have named Reiki has always been and is labeled many times over throughout the eons of no time only space. We may believe we are transmitting Reiki and expecting it to ‘do’ for some reason. Since Reiki is all-knowing presence, all-that-is, infinite intelligence; our direct link to the universe, this energy shows up in any given way. It may bring someone, something, some day, some where, etc. in any way possible and/or in ways we know nothing of that seem impossible; an unexpected way we may call a miracle. Once the agreement has been made in the here and now; presence, it has already happened. It happened before the idea of Reiki was even thought of. The energy flows without beginning or ending. These are points and they have no flow. A word is a guttural noise of an attempt to explain something to someone outside of self. To explain our experience to the outer world. Not to ourselves, as the experience is just that and is felt within the being; we know it as it is. So when you send/give/receive Reiki it has nothing to do with that which we believe is form. It is formless. Expectations only serve the egoic mind. The all-knowing presence of what we call the soul, does not hold out for expectations or form. Care or not care. Judgement or no judgement, etc. We can and do send Reiki with an idea of an expectation, or a request. Yet, we cannot absolutely know the outcome into eternity; into unfathomable space. What we send out is what we are; Reiki. 🙂 What we ‘be’ is formless, flowing, expansive, energy without any label, even though we sure want to label it. Its us recognizing us. BEcoming as we are BEing. ~ michelenappi.com