Last night my dear friend Tina asked a particular question during Meditation, Healing, and Gallery Reading. She asked spirit when does life begin; when does the soul enter the body. As I received the energy of what spirit was saying I teared up, as I do when my heart/soul has been touched.
We think with a human mind. How would we know differently until we know differently?
The infinite all-knowing presence is all. When we go within to our authentic selves we know. All is. All is always.
There is no time; time is man-made. There is no beginning or end. No start or finish. All is soul. It was there ‘before’ and it is there ‘after.’ It is pure presence in all ways, always. Releasing all taught-thoughts. All sentimentality. Perception. Dualism. Sides. Parts. We know, knowing. Soul has always been. Soul is materialized form to know of itself; expression of such grace and magnitude we can barely touch its presence. When we are held in its grace there is no denying. All else fades away and we are this experience; held in it. Everything is ‘it’ already. Words confine it. It flows. –