When you become aware of what you don’t want it creates the space to have an ‘aha’ moment about what you do want.

 it is about releasing duality and seeing the whole picture. It takes courage to look at our discomfort so that we may feel a bit more comfortable.

When we are clear about ourselves we offer ourselves a clearing. A clear space. A space full of clarity.

When we are clear with ourselves, no matter what anyone else is doing, no matter what is happening, we know where we are at.

When we stand on the ground and feel the ground beneath us, we are grounding. When we ground ourselves we offer ourselves stability. We feel grounded. When we feel stable we offer ourselves trust. When we trust ourselves we feel open-hearted and loved within.

When we are balanced within ourselves we offer ourselves steadiness. A balanced, even space within. A space full of balance. When we feel steady we have faith in ourselves.

When we center ourselves we offer ourselves a middle way. A centered space. A space full of centeredness; non-dualism. Being beyond duality, we feel all-knowing presence as who I AM. ~ michelenappi.com