Michele Nappi – Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor & Healer – Animal Communicator


“After my beloved Greyhound passed, I had a reading from Michele, to contact “Gunner”. She came up with specifics that were experiences Gunner and I had together. She put me at ease telling me that he is happy, and that my decision to put him down was the right one. She mentioned who was there, and how kind the vet was . This was accurate, which helped me accept that my decision really must have been ok.
Michele mentioned a little girl that Gunner liked, and how small and gentle she was. That would be my next door neighbor’s kid who loved him, and would always stop me to allow her to pat Gunner.
Michele made me laugh and cry at the beautiful memories she brought up of our time together, she was spot on. He was there with us, communicating through her.
Then, I asked if it was ok for me to get another Greyhound to come live with me, and he said it was on. I had a foster dog in for two weeks that was not good to my car, so when the kennel had room that hound went back. They have been working with him, and with cats for a week now. She held that dog’s collar, and communicated to him that he needs to settle down about cats, in order to come back to my little house which he said he liked.
I then went to the kennel and worked with him, in the cat room. He was totally receptive, and I now have him in my home , to continue working with my cat. They are separated unless I am right there, but so far so good. His attitude is gentle now.
Thank you Michele. This is a beautiful service you provide.”
– D.


My reply: “Thank you, D! I especially enjoyed the part about the boots that Gunner said he really didn’t like wearing. That was so precious!”