“One year ago, Michele Nappi came into my shop, Vintage Vibe. Since I’m not one to believe in coincidences, I know that she was meant to be there at exactly that time. I was doing my best to try and stay positive about an injury that had occurred in December, but Michele sensed that something was going-on with me. She offered a healing, and, WOW…I could feel a surge of energy and that moment set the tone for a faster recovery both mentally and physically! If you are going through anything similar, go to see Michele! You will thank her, and yourself for doing it!!!” – Elaine

Nora Ashley  “You were with me on my right side the whole time nothing but blue light!” 

Nora Ashley  ” I love her even long distance shes helped with my heart issues and im not as scared when i go for my many procedures.”


“Michele, I had to share this with you. Just moments ago I noticed that you had changed your profile picture and I had typed in, “simply lovely” because you are quite lovely, inside and out. As I was typing I noticed that your facial expression in this new picture was uncannily like my Mom’s. I believe I actually have a picture of her when she was in her 40-50’s that looks so much like yours it temporarily, seriously took my breath away. And then, just moments after I finished typing, I noticed that you had clicked on the ‘like’ to my comments, this overwhelming feeling of love and peace came over me and I felt my Mom right beside me, literally in her arms. Brought me to tears. I can only recall one other time in the 17 years she’s been gone of feeling like that. I treasure it despite how unsettling it was at first. This is not the first time I’ve felt totally connected to you or felt you were a conduit of sorts for me. You are truly a pure and wise spirit, what my Mom would have called an old soul, although you are probably younger than me. Anyway, I may not be making a lot of sense right now, still soaking it all in but just had to let you know, and once again, say thank you.” – J.

“Michele Nappi is an amazing and kind person and spiritual advisor with extraordinary gifts as a healer and psychic medium. She has touched many life’s profoundly, many of which I have witnessed through her various meditation and group reading classes, as well as through one of the many spiritual development classes she offers. She both teaches and encourages practices involving healing energy work, often bringing in other teachers and healers as well. I believe her ultimate focus is to awaken ones soul, to gently remind us of who we truly are, so that we can further mirror our essence in others. Thank you Michele.  Much gratitude” Shell