We commit to life and release this commitment numerous times a day, with

each in and out breath.

With each in breath we make a vow to life as we know it. To life itself. With each out breath we release the past. One could say that the out breath is our past life. We steadily move forward.

With each new breath therein lays a clear opportunity to decide what we will be within it. With each new life that comes to our senses, we decide who we are. A baby bird, a new risen sun, the moon above, all signify our inner being. Both our commitment and the release come and go in the Land of Duality. In the all-knowing presence of space, we are the observer. The watcher. The one knowing within the now moment.

Yes, we are taught-thought and sentimental about them. We desire love, acceptance, care, and compassion. As a child we know clearly this desire to live the physical life; to have the simple needs met. We cry and wait. In some instances there is a void. Neurons are set within the brain. In stillness children are aware and yet, the adults who have lost their way, who have forgotten, who continue to strive for love, acceptance, care, and compassion outside of themselves – who are lost and have forgotten, cannot or will not be present with the child’s innocence and divinity. It may feel like salt poured into in a gaping wound. The adult may say to this child, “Who are you to be love and not I?” They may exhibit their severe pain upon the innocence of life. They may not recognize that those who cannot show love; all-knowing presence gave up. So many do. The child may decide without knowing the whole truth here in the Land of Duality, that they are not loved. That they do not matter and may, in their deep grief, succumb to ‘if you cannot beat them, join them’ mentality.

The cycle continues, until it does not. The cycle some call karma, can be uplifted and known as healing. We do have this choice. Our tender hearts can be shown mercy and find that it was within all along. ~ michelenappi.comamysticalexperience