Contacting Your Heart-Soul

Get in touch with your own intuitive innate BEing.

Why does it seem that we receive intuitive information when we are in a state of fuge? -fuge
combining form
expelling or dispelling either a specified thing or in a specified way.

When we are in a state of hypnosis – just waking – not asleep and not fully awake?

Is it that our defenses are down at that point? Have you ever been driving and not known how you got from point A to point B?

Have you received information at that time that seemed to come from “somewhere else?”

When we are in a state of “soft focus” we are releasing duality and in non-dualism. A place of no place. Letting go of taught-thoughts and conditionings.

Soft focus may come to us when we are doing mundane chores like laundry, dishes; things we do so often that it seems to take no intellectual stimulus. Buddha calls this “chop wood, carry water.” Something repetitive.

It can feel ‘as if’ we are not in body but floating about somewhere other than the hard-core focus we may usually be in.

Focusing on our breath assists us in releasing.

BEing somewhere comfortable whether or not lying down or sitting up, we can relax. Close the eye lids. Focus on breath. All the way in and all the way out. Practice breathing calmly, quietly. Soft focus.

As you exhale bring in your imaginative state of mind. Relaxing. Soft focus on breathing. Feel you body as it touches the surface of what ever you are laying, sitting, or perhaps swinging in like a hammock. Imagine floating.

Imagine focusing inward to your heart-soul. Contact. Create awareness in this connection. Perhaps you would like a dialogue with your heart-soul. Trust. Be your own best friend. Your own guide. Relax.

It may assist you to play soft, calming music with no words. Or the use of headphones; earplugs may benefit you.

Calming breaths. Connect with your inner truth.

Is this ‘a’ truth you have chosen to believe in, or ‘the’ truth – true for all without exception? I believe you will find the all encompassing, all-knowing presence within you that you are.

Ask the Universe. Ask for a message; a dialogue. Ask to be awakened. Ask.

“Is there anything that would benefit me to know at this time?”

“Is there anything that I may know that will enlighten me about myself?”

Ask a specific question that you would like to know the answer to. Remember to listen for the answer in the now present moment or in the days to come.

Jot it down. We have a tendency to forget.This is part of the cycle of awakening. We know and then we do not. We feel elated and then we do not. Jot it down for YOU.

Allow the information to come to you in any way that it can. Let go of expectation of how it “must, should, needs to, has to, got to” come to you. Get out of your own way.

Jot it down. How did the information come to you? Did you hear, see, feel, smell, taste, know? Did someone come up to you with a sentence? Did you see a sentence in a book that seemed to answer the question? Did a book fly off the shelf and land at your feet?

Did you see an image that had no word attached? Art? Music?

Asking then receiving. BE open.

Don’t intellectualize it. Let it be. Let it be. Let it be. Oh, let it be.

Do you feel you received nothing? Practice. Hold yourself in this space of soft focus. There will come a time you will “just know” and you will wonder what all the fuss was about. Like a flower blooming, the sun setting and the moon rising, it will BE. ~