Self-mastery. Presence. Journey recognized. It’s within, always no ‘matter’ what we think. When we look ‘without’ outside of ourselves we experience the void. As we experience ourselves in this energy – if we are ready to – if we allow it – if we face our fears – we find our heart and soul more and more often. That stillness within. That we go to more and more often – as the cycles widen – as they come and go less often.
When we create with presence we are there with that creation in a non-clinging, no fear way. At first we experience the resistance. The ‘what if’s’ – have to – must- should – got to – need/destitution – the inner struggle where we argue with ourselves about what we don’t like – what we must do – how we are not good enough – it will never happen – like a fish out of water – we jump into the fire to burn again until – until we do not. Cycles. I duality we come and we go – we are up and we are down – and so forth – choosing a side to rail against or for. Eternally stuck.
Yes, it can be beautiful. Suffering can feel intoxicating. Birds of a feather. Feeling like we are in a ‘family’ telling us we matter – we ‘matter’ – until we fail at something.
Until we decide to give ourselves a hand. Pat ourselves on the back. Accept who we are no ‘matter’ what. Meet ourselves where we are at – compassion. The love we have looked for never went anywhere no matter what we were told. Not matter who told us. No matter how often we heard it, and so forth.
True love – compassion – presence has always been and is ever BEing, as we are this BEing.
We are telling ourselves a story. A great novel. When we are ready – or not – we are shown. We are shown we have never been alone And in this unexpected space that we call a miracle, we are present – held in stillness.
And it can quickly fade just as it was shown, when we go without, because the energy of our paradigm – the reality of it – is what we have all around us. Looking at us – filling all of our senses. Sentimentality. We search for ‘who we are’ to find ourselves – to prove to ourselves – we get pulled back in to all this shiny and sparkly – being this being – this earth energy existence. It is truly a beautiful world until it is not.
Self-mastery. Presence. Journey recognized as many ‘times’ as it takes. While we are human, we are human. Humanity. Kindness. Joy. Feeling full; sated. Solitude. Rejoicing in the ecstatic splendor of it all. Renewal. Nature. BEing. – http://www.michelenappi.commeadhealerreader