For today.
Ego. Self-realization. Stillness.

Rang a Tibetan singing bowl. Present with intuition I rang the one I felt drawn to. Poured self into it. Felt myself singing ‘oh’ as in ‘so.’ Solar Plexus Chakra; personal power, self-esteem.

Drew 3 Soul cards from Soul Cards 2. First time experiencing them. My intention while drawing them was looking inward.

Meeting my torked; – self where I am at. Bringing up energy like a snake caught by the throat. Let go! Release me. I want to lay on a big rock and soak up the warmth of the sun. I yearn to shed my skin. This is old and itchy as it scales off. I leave my old skin to welcome the new. The shadow skin, opalescent in the dewy grass gives nourishment to the forest grove and the critters who dwell there. I am free of it, at long last.

In the perfection of timing of no one and no thing. Free of the on and off. I lose myself in the mystery of life, within the heat of the sun-ego; the fire of the dragon. It is within that I go. To the perfect peace. A smile creeps along my face like a salamander. Reddish orange, freckled with dew drops and bits of forest decay. I lay bare skinned. For the all of me is free of the flesh. I blossom and grow anew into the next manifestation and mystery of the cosmos. Shining. Sparkly. Beaming. Ahhhh.…

Page 333 –…

Soul Cards 2 – 3 cards chosen:
1. Snake-like being surrounds face with mouth open, eyes shut, teeth bared, yet apart.

2. Unicorn-like creature with human face, eyes shut, starry starry night sky of nine. Greenery. Other animals about, yet hidden. Blues. Yellow. Orange. Red. Pink.

Infinite possibilities.

3. Woman nude eyes closed smiling face and one hand raised upwards, greens, black, blues, white, orange, yellow – the other arm raised, bent at elbow hovering over child eyes open smiling with fiery mane, beaming outward.