The torch. Illumination. Transpersonal thoughts.

Soul cards. Deborah Koff-Chapin.

Beyond the personal. Being beyond duality. Seeing ‘the’ truth instead of ‘a’ truth that we have decided is ‘our’ truth – we own it. What we do with it is up to us.

Authentic truth is about the all that is. How we see ourselves beyond our conditioned taught-thoughts. Our emotional, energy patterns. These patterns of behavior are often easier seen by others because they are not as emotionally involved. When we create space to see ourselves through, it may be difficult even then, to look clearly at the patterns of our thoughts and behaviors even in the torches illumination.

It may assist us then to talk to someone we trust. Our wound lay bare. We go into hyper-drive protecting the ego. Looking for the ‘fault line’ when we know deep within that we create and continue to create until we know differently. Even then, knowledge is in the head. It helps to go into the heart to find reprieve and solace.

Nothing is truly solved within the mind without the hearts consent. –

The great mystics know this. Nothing is truly solved within the mind without the hearts consent. Without the heart and souls guidance and care. Intellect and ego just go round and round. They want to be ‘right’ when there is no right. There is perception based on the egoic taught-thoughts that manifest themselves outside of our physical body to show us what we have created.

That is why anything new that comes along as in the New Year, shows us who we have decided to become, who we choose to be through what we have decided we are. Yes, it can change through effort, like any other manifestation.

I pulled the 6 of Wands and the Rune stone Kenaz – Torch.
I carry the Torch of enlightenment so that I may see my ‘ways.’ The way I have decided to be. I recognize. This is my personal power, unlike all-knowing presence. The all-powerful.

This is my place to know, now. To look into the mirror to see myself. I am in charge. All of humanity is fallible and malleable. It is all energy that can be reconstructed. This is what is called ‘our burden’ or ‘our cross to bear.’

It is this feeling, or rather the fear of these feelings that keeps us all from changing our mind. The altered ego would rather your whole body die than to know how to change this. Death being a perception. We must be willing to die, daily to realize, release, to find relief from the on-going grief we suffer. Any form of re-birth comes with the energy of releasing what we perceive to be old, to welcome in the newness. Whose ‘fault’ could that possibly be? Nary a one. Yet, we may forget. We may take on the burden of thinking ‘new’ means ‘better.’ If this were ‘a’ truth then one would feel the ego sneer. The truth – the authentic, all-knowing truth is that no one thing is better or worse. Maybe you are just bored. Cosmic joke.

When we assume the position to be beaten, we are beaten. When we stand and hold the torch of illumination, we begin the lightwave of seeing things in a clearer way. In an empowered, transpersonal way.

Creation. Illumination. Burden of responsibility. This means we are allowing ourselves to become a leader in our own right. A rite of passage. We lead the way for ourselves and others; ancestors. Our personal power goes from our head to our heart. A dear friend once told me, “When we see red, we can see nothing else but red; anger.”

We see clearly in the light.

I pulled these 3 Soul cards:soulcardwomanthinkingofpeoplesoulcardwomanprotectedbyangelsoulcardwomanwalkingstickincircleofprotection