Birthing in a new consciousness. It seems the deepest upset and challenge often arrives just before huge transformation. Have you noticed the rending and pulling away of your paradigm?

It is within this time of release to swing from one energetic vine to the next, that we feel as if we are on the outside looking in; no one seems to understand, we may feel alone, we may feel the stages of grieving deeply.

We are letting go. Releasing the known to go into the unknown. There may be depths of fear. We may return to old ways of thinking and doing; old emotional patterns may show up to ask if you are really ready to release them.

This is the process of self-actualization.

Leaving behind the land so known, so many fond and not so fond memories that we believe is our ‘story.’ The ego creates much suffering.

A time to rest, replenish, become quiet, back to basics of self-care.

If we cannot, we suffer much more and for longer periods of time, perhaps ruining outside relationships while we rip ourselves apart in this process.

Meet yourself where you are at, even if it feels like it is the ‘end’ because in a large sense, it is.

Part of newness is releasing the old. Part of creating the known, is forging ahead into the unknown. They are all the same parts of the process we call life.

Who was it that said, “Life is what happens when you are busy making plans.”

Even the most well thought out plans may have their breaking points, like going on a vacation and missing your flight or getting a flat tire, only to find out that this was perfection. It all is, isn’t it? ~