Huge shift in my life recently. Owning the blocks that we create within ourselves, seeing it without – in our daily life – manifest as a mirror. Owning that mirror of creation. All is alive. All is manifestation; creation. Flora, fauna; all that entails – paper – metal – ink – dis-ease – all is. So as above – so as below – duality and consciousness. Non-dualism.

Someone apologized to me recently after many years. I see that as growth within the mirror. Allowing the apology without ego; duality. Speaking the words of apology is owning, being vulnerable, being courageous enough to know that their may be backlash from ego within and without. When we ‘get’ an apology we are ‘giving’ ourselves one. Get/give it? When we give an apology we get one in the same. We allowed the apology – we made the space for it – to come to us! It’s been there all along, In wait. Waiting for the ‘right’ moment. It was always there or we wouldn’t be able to experience it. We cannot experience ‘no thing.’ We CAN experience the thing; frequency of what is, is as words and gestures. When you give an apology YOU receive one! You create forgiveness within and without. It does not ‘matter’ if the apology is not accepted. It is still there.

It’s all us. Our chosen thoughts. Bring them out and look at them to own them. Then you are empowered. ~

Love/presence is all that there is; all-knowing presence holding us in stillness, no thing about; non-dualism. This time; man-made dualisticness’ – this space we chose to experience – no matter how sentimental – no ‘matter’ how fond – is short-lived – especially in comparison to the cosmos! What we take with us is frequency of vibration we have ourselves manifested and created. We remain this vibration until we decide that we do not.’ Call it what you will, a lesson or a choice, we have free-will to decide and to change our minds – back and forth the pendulum swings. We are never alone. We always have support. We are forever loved/presence. We even get to decide when and where to release the flesh suit. You choices; the frequency we create and hold dearly to brings us where ever we ‘go’ – whomever we decide we are. We typically enjoy being where our ego most matches to frequency – we are what we BE. As we expand consciousness we find ourselves on the outside looking in. We feel and see the separateness. We typically feel vulnerable in this new space – this place we have chosen to create to assist ourselves in expansion. Ego may whine and flop about; blame others and our situations. What we cling to – even if it kills our mortal coil – is us deciding ego knows best. We typically hear our old taught-thoughts come about – louder. I have to, got to, must, should.” We forget our omnipotence. We temporarily invite the ego in for a visit that may last a life-time; generations of us being unaware.

Take a step away from YOU – your self – to experience the you, you have decided to BE. Is this the most joyous Being? Is this Being content, peaceful, compassionate, wonder-filled Being? How do you wish to feel in the Being you have created? It’s all us. Our chosen thoughts. Bring them out and look at them to own them. Then you are empowered.

During these times as you become more aware of the cycles of the ego; duality meeting up with the soul; non-dualism we may feel we have failed. We may feel “oh, no not this again – I thought I was done with this” and we can – even in this time of despair – meet ourselves in compassion right were we are and choose to lift ourselves up. It’s all good. This is where we say “there is a reason” for all of this. Yes, the reason being we were testing the waters of the “new me” – do I really want to go “there” or do I decide to stay “here” a bit longer? Look, I see someone I know. I recall this place fondly – even in terror – especially in fear we retreat to old ways of being – in its comfort – even if we meet our demise.

Especially during family times – times we recall as a child we felt even the least bit loved. Even if we were horribly tortured; abused there – we come back to this place to ‘visit’ to see if what we experienced was real or did we just imagine it all? We learn to no trust our gut; instincts, Our true self as spirit; soul. Why do we expect more out of children; those that have experienced less, than an adult that has experienced more? Because we are looking for a ‘fall guy.’ Passing on that frequency stuck in our gut from our own youth – passed down from one generation to the next – to ‘get rid of it.’ The thing of frequency – vibration that grows within ourselves can only be dealt with within, never without. It just does not work that way. Frequency of vibration felt within our own being begins and ends with our own self.

This is what is meant by “there are times we are meant to be on the outside looking in.” We always have choice even when we are in the “least of times.” ~

Meet your self; your ego, where it is at and comfort you there. This is all temporary. Then you get to review it all, at some point in the vastness of all that is. The BEing that you are may decide to come/go into a frequency to BE there for others that cannot see. You agree to BE with them, even if it means the ego dies – the BEing that you truly are remains and is alive forever. When you think of this time – recall that it is a blip in the screen of all that is.

When we experience this or any other miracle – which is just something we have never experienced or expected – is right before us, our logical mind doubts it. We make up a story line to help ourselves deal with the shock-trauma of what we decide is “good or bad.” Anything new to or reality; our paradigm, creates a shift either way. Our taught-thoughts may accept a new ‘baby anything’ because we have been conditioned to believe in this, unless we have been told and chose to believe that we would never experience this; what ever it is. When we experience it we may not be able to believe in it until however long it takes to grow accustom to this newness; any amount of time or space – even eternity.

A miracle is just something we have kept from ourselves as ‘not my life – not in my belief system’ until we decide on some level, to experience it and BE that energy. We wander around afraid to tell others because we think/believe that ‘they will think I am crazy.’ Wow. Do we put a lot of energy into denying that! Denial of the mind expanding to fit newness is death; it’s over. The past is dead energy unless you bring in forward to experience it again. Fear of death keeps you in the past so that you feel you have control over something. Toupee. Wigs. Plastic surgery; the melted face look is popular. Look – I’m NUTS – okay? I’m CRAZY and loving the presence of it. I’m the FOOL. The sacred child. I’m the IDIOT jester. Life has a way of showing you who you are, in any way it takes. Letting go is you at your most joyous self; present in stillness. Blessed Being all. ~michelenappi.comfool