Reality Reminder:
Whether or not I remember or not, please feel free to go ahead without me.
You as truth for all without exception, you as your soul; a BEing; as the flow of the universal conception; as the Great Library in the sky, are more that any ‘thing’ material/physical can ever be.
As we alter our consciousness to release conditionings ego pulls all the harder, to the past and what we feel comfortable and ‘safe’ in as yesterdays ‘dead’ used up energy. We become sentimental and retain ourselves there, even in joyful abundance, we then cling to the past and ache for what was; sadness. Being told me this so many years ago and has allowed me to recall that once more.
How deeply we feel, how deep in sadness we can falter. How trying it feels. The suffering can feel excruciatingly painful, as it does for me now even though I hold the torch up as high as I am able to, to light the way.
My dearest ones, remember. Remember that you are capable of creating and manifesting any possible ‘thing’ to see and experience through. Even in the moment of death you live, are alive to bear your own de-ceasement. Even as your heart literally falls to pieces, the pieces remain in the ethereal space for all to make of it what they will. Free will.
In the space of Free Will you are of the dearest concept. How soulful; how powerful is that? That you manifest the toughest of energy for you to see ‘you’ through? The YOU you decided upon. The you, you get to decide upon over and over again; freely.
The YOU you have chosen, no matter how utterly poignantly painful, you; YOU in that moment of death are alive, as alive as the continuum of all that is, creating; bringing into creation what ever you choose.
You, dear one are never alone. It is literally impossible. The vast connection to mind-boggling to one who has been taught to see; to experience in the certain way that you have been conditioned to think and neurons have been set. The cosmos does not end and there is no beginning except within conceptual thought patterns. Where would the universe end? What would be beyond the end. You understand through your taught-thought ideas of ‘things.’
Blessed art thou and most dear. Wise beyond conceptual practices, beyond the intellect; the ego for I AM you and you are I AM. ~ michelenappi.comlight-shining