Today I am enjoying the benefits of organic orange oil; abundance & upliftment, Sapphire gemstones;prosperity, joy, peace & wisdom, clear quartz; the master healer; teacher stone. I also randomly pulled a rune stone from the bag; Berkano.

All these were selected via intention-intuition.

‘Secrecy with Berkano is not a wicked thing, but a power that can be used to great effect. It is the mastery of silence as a device for listening and protecting. It is a life giving rune, so is best used to assist life, to heal and to protect. It will enhance efforts to give oneself, and others, the time and space they need to grow on their own. The creation of time and space is a magical act done consciously through restraint and silence, even concealment of one’s hand in the affair altogether. This ability is magical, requires great humility and is an enviable feminine power.’

Clear quartz is the master healer/teacher stone which never needs to be cleared of it’s energy, amplifying all other stones you may be working with.

Sapphire brings with it’s frequency the energy of prosperity, joy, wisdom, dreams/visions, consciousness. It heals at the cellular level.

Orange is the color of our sacral chakra; us at our most creative, fulfilling life’s destiny, channeling all-knowing presence of materialisation into the earthly realm. Within this energy lays fluidness; the flow of the cosmos through and into the material/physical realm of duality, offering us its wisdom and stillness.




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