Releasing fear takes courage. As we release fear it may cause vulnerability because of the unknown. We are used to and thus comfortable with our old, worn out ways of being; embedded patterns, even if they hurt. As we become vulnerable we may begin to see these patterns like an outsider, looking in. This creates awareness. We may also feel as if we are an outcast and this may bring up fear of the future; anxiety.

Where can we go to find relief, we may ask ourselves. Our old ways of thinking and doing just aren’t working like they used to. We can come to the realization that as we release, we have created sacred space for creation to come about. We can then allow our authentic self, our true power to create the journey, instead of our fears. We empower ourselves within our authenticity. The truth sets us free to being again in a different way.

By realizing what we are thinking and doing in the moment it arises, we become present as the observer of it, and what we are creating to experience. We can then make a conscious decision whether or not we want to choose the energy we are feeling within our mind, body, and spirit. We can take this time to replenish ourselves through the truth that is true for all without exception. Pure presence.

This is how we learn to trust in ourselves, find comfort in our own bodies. We find spiritual nourishment within our own heart and soul. We can begin spiritual leadership within ourselves, as our shadow side rises and comes into light, waxing and waning. We learn how to take well care of our self. We have faith in our self that we will provide sacred space to fill and surround ourselves with what feels best for us at the time.

We come to realize in this way a new pattern emerging within. One that satisfies us in a way we haven’t known before. It is usual to feel as if this is so new, we wonder if it could be true. We may search outside of ourselves for answers, again giving away our true nature, our authentic self. This too is the way. Energy creates; waxes and wanes like the tide, like seasons coming and going.

You may want to take time to write down what has worked for you in the past, when you were struggling. What did you do? Who did you talk to? Where did you find the most peace? This is the process of replenishment. This is how we learn trust in self and others. Trusting in our instincts. What feels good, what does not.

We can go back to the basics that served us well. Create the sacred space we long for. Meditate; quieting the mind. Taking a break. Walk in nature. Eat and drink in a healthy way. Rest when we are tired. Focus on our breathing. Learning anew to take care of ourselves. As we begin to trust in self we may realize intuitively, that we are ensuring the fact that our own insights are worthy. We feel held in safety and self-respect. That we belong. Deep within ourselves lays our expressive being. We can be with ourselves and feel safe, joyful, and authentic. This is your true gift to yourself and the world. ~ michelenappi.comshadowlight