Michele Nappi – Reiki Master/Teacher – Initiate since 1997. moonlightgiftshoppe@yahoo.com 893-9966

Reiki meets you where you are and gently lifts you higher, allowing you to realize, release, and find relief. Experience the gentle flow of Reiki! Learn Reiki and realize the flow within your very being so that you can give Reiki to yourself, others, animals, situations, and so forth. Be the peace through Reiki, that you seek.

This page is Reiki filled. I have set this Reiki energy with intention using the Reiki distance healing symbol. When you choose to receive this Reiki by simply saying “thank you” you will feel gentle waves of Reiki full of compassion for what ever you would like it for.

Remember that Reiki can cause absolutely no harm! Blessings of abundance for all.

Assisting you in assisting yourself!