Stay at home parents; the elderly, animals, water; flora and fauna, etc. may not make money. They may not produce profitable labor in the way most have been conditioned; taught-thought into believing. Accepting the idea that everything is about a material profit of ink, paper, and ore is the ego. The soul knows differently. Our true self wants love and acceptance; not via material stuff. Kindness, compassion, furtherance, gentleness, BEing with someone who you know is dear to your heart fills us all in such a way that we release the ego and its desperation to ‘prove’ we are loveable. When we drop into our heart and realize this, we find great sustainability. Being present, we are in the moment and all else fades into the distance.


We create our blockages, our baggage. We may not realize this by way of living rotely. When we realize, release, to find relief we get in touch with our authentic self and let go of the blockages.

We release the focus, that we have held still out of fear. We realize intellectually, to find relief within our heart-soul. We allow the space surrounding us to be clear. To be. We can release the pressure we have built up within ourselves; the blockage. We feel lighter. This is a gift to ourselves and all else.

We can realize fear-based thoughts, secondary thoughts and reactions that we once believed in, no longer hold the weight that they once did. We release them into the ethers; into the Light to transform into the relief, freedom and joy we now are filled and surrounded with.