Reiki Student (after R II attunement): “I’ve had a lot of emotions swirling around. Trying to figure out what they are and what to do with them. Part of me wants to just give in to them all, but I’m afraid I might fall apart a bit if I do that.

I do have a question. You said that anyone can receive the attunements simply by asking for them. Does that mean that anyone can practice reiki without having a teacher? There seems to be a lot of attention given to the lineage of the master, but if anyone can receive the attunements by asking, then why is there a need to track lineage of master to master? Unless I am misunderstanding something, it seems a human structure and order and entitlement has been created around passing this knowledge when there isn’t necessarily a need for it. Am I missing something or misunderstanding something?”

My response: “I agree that to look at our emotions and the thoughts that created them is beneficial. This is our truth. When we don’t hold ourselves dear with compassion things get bottled up so to speak and often ‘come out sideways.’

“Mikao Usui practiced Reiki without a teacher. Another way of looking at it is that Reiki taught him and anyone that asks, receives. Or that Usui taught himself by getting in divine touch with who he/we are as sacred, all-knowing consciousness.” ~ Michele Nappi – Reiki Master Initiatemeinred

There is a lot of information around about Reiki. There is every ‘type’ of Reiki one can imagine now. Which is all about people exploring creation, I believe. Yes, we are this energy. Reiki is universal consciousness. We are universal consciousness. When we allow ourselves to expand, go beyond duality, BE we have the ability to know ourselves as the all-knowing consciousness that we are and always will be.

This is my belief, anyway. It is a process of releasing that which no longer serves us to expand and explore in duality. This is all well and ‘good’ until it is not.

When we suffer – when we are in pain – it is because we have contracted spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. We contract because we are in agreement to. We agree that we ‘should’ be or not be thinking, feeling, expressing in some manner that goes along with the taught-thought conditionings we are sentimental about.

When we begin to expand it may feel like it hurts, too. It may feel like a grieving process of letting go. It takes great courage and determination to ‘be’ who/what we would like to explore the possibilities of. We have a right to find out what works for us solely.

The lineage may be an ego thing. What do you think? It may be as Mrs. Takata said, that we would not have been able to appreciate Reiki unless it cost a lot of money. Or perhaps that was her way of experiencing money; ego. We may never know.

Some people believe deeply in what they have been taught; that we need to study hard and long under a teacher; one with greater knowledge so that we can get a piece of paper that proves to ourselves and society that ‘we have made it.’ There is satisfaction in that, I agree. Yet, not all can afford this or even have a desire to do this in this way. What about those souls? Do we just leave them out? What about the people who are handicapped or those that society deem unworthy? Pardon me but ‘give me a break!’

I believe the greater satisfaction is remembering in our own unique way who we are and always will be. This could come from anything, as a reminder; Reiki, art, music, dance, types of education, being a martyr, a ‘sinner,’ and so forth. Would you agree? How else to ‘find’ ourselves and discover what we already know!?”

We have a right – an inherent beingness – to explore beyond our conditionings and taught-thoughts with kindness, tenderness, compassion  – experiencing our unique self. That is how we chose to come out of the cave, learn about the world we live in here in the Land of Duality! ~