How many of us recall cutting out paper dolls as a child? How we felt excited and pleased with ourselves with what we had accomplished, how coloring, painting, gluing, and hanging them was so satisfying at the time.

Holding hands. Making a connection with another came naturally, as a child. “Hold hands,” we were told. We did this without much thought. We may have felt support and an interconnectedness. We were together as a group, doing things to experience the world within what seemed to be an adult-led event. How could we have known other wise?

I recall holding hands at school as a child. I would always partner up with a young boy by the name of Jimmy. He happened to be of color. What I felt at that time was an instant connection. We traded matchbox cars and army men. Somehow we lost touch with one another, yet I remember him fondly to this day. I recall his beautiful smile and the twinkle in his eye. The last time I saw him we were in high school. I saw him walk across the green. Our eyes connected and he smiled. We weren’t hanging out together, had different friends, and still there was that instant, knowing connection.

How many of us hold hands now? How many of us recognize belonging, community, culture, tribe; family? Do we still feel that openness of sharing; honoring ourselves and our inter-beingness? How do we express our passions? Where has our motivation for this gone, if anywhere? How do we measure perseverance to connect with another, with ourselves?

“When did we decide that the other person’s opinion of ourselves matters more than our own?”

Within our experience of getting to know the world we live in we somehow conform to the status quo. Not all do. Yet, when did this change occur? When did we decide that the other person’s opinion of ourselves matters more to us than our own? Do we feel like a rebel if we dare to care for ourselves? I say, be selfish enough to be healthy; to create strong, beneficial boundaries. This creates inner trust. Self-esteem; confidence, self-nurturance, self-worth, and pride in oneself. This helps foster a keen intuition. Foresight. Universal consciousness and a way to realize that this is who we are at the core; our soul.

Since when is this not okay?

Where did we learn that to care for oneself is so selfish as to be labeled ‘wrong?’ Without inner trust, we loose guidance. We begin to look outward and find that so many others are lost, as well. Mass confusion reigns because we have been taught-thought away from peace within. We learn that our desires; goals, passions; cravings, go unfulfilled within. We learn to ever so often, look beyond our inner self for a connection; for fun, for the pure joy of being while we are doing. Please do not ever wonder.

All is what it is and we get to decide what to make of it. We can understand that progression happens, we can choose to find within what we have gone without. We can choose hope, support ourselves, realize that a miracle is something unexpected just like humor is! In this Land of Duality what ever is lost can be found.

Energy is malleable. We are flexible. What ever we can imagine, can come to be our truth, to celebrate newness and oneness. We do have the ability to reconnect to our inner child; the child within that still lives on. We can reinvent playfulness, lightheartedness, innocence, and innocent wonder while getting in touch with our inner knowing. We are aware of our connectedness and our disappointment; our grieving that we have lost touch with it. Begin, take that first ‘baby step’ of inner guidance; of inner support. You have known all along these signs, these thoughts that rise to the surface. It is more than okay to follow what your true self is and that this truth has been holding your hand all along. You have never been alone. Your opinion of yourself blossoms in this way. ~