We Are Sacred Currency
When I do my talks in class, workshops, events I talk about money being who we are. Paper made mostly from cotton, ore, ink; earth elements. Denying this in ourselves as human beings is denying what we are and what we are made of. The word ‘money’ and all it’s taught-thought conditionings is what keeps us confused or not. We either allow the all or we deny it. All is sacred.We are universal consciousness. Money is just a word. The thoughts and emotions that we embrace, choose and accept is up to each person. We can smile and move forward with life itself. -michelenappi.com
cottonplantroots:Cotton plant roots
“On this day of your life
Michele, I believe God wants you to know…
…that money is just as holy as meditation, just as
sacred as prayer. It is a wonderful part of God.
If you hold an idea that money is the root of all evil,
you may unconsciously keep it from you. You are
invited to drop that thought now.
All the money you need is coming to you now. Do
you believe that? You must, you know…
You will not have to think but a second to understand
exactly why you received this message today.”
Love, Your Friend …