What does it mean to love fully? I’ve heard so many messages from spirit lately about ‘just love them. I just love them.’ How do we love unconditionally with our ego? With fear?  My guess is that that would be the point. To love unconditionally is without judgement. Releasing of fear, of the ego that demands to be in charge. Release the breath.

How to go from head to heart. Intellect to emotion. It may be that we don’t need to do a thing for this to occur. We don’t need to emote our feelings, or say a thing to be love itself.  Does the earth embrace your every step upon it?

We know when we are loved. It’s not about things given to us, money spent, flowers picked, dishes done. It is a knowing. A tenderness of spirit. The touch of a hand. A caress. A look from loving eyes. The soul shines through. We can feel this from across the room, from far and wide.

When we hold one another; like a parent holds a child, love exudes without a word. When our loved one lays down beside us, may it be human, a beloved pet, we know. We can feel it. The tenderness of spirit is there and we melt into it’s grace. tenderspirit