It is always an honor to work with sacred energy. Recently spirit spoke to me and said, “Just love them.” Later on during the same day I received a validation through a random facebook chat. The chat wasn’t directly for me, although I felt the message was. “I just love them.”  I felt it jumped right off the page and into my senses! Subtle yet, profound affirmation of spirit messages. Universal love for all. Validation.

A woman came in my shop a couple of months ago for a reading. I see, hear, and know information from Source. I have since I was a young child. During this particular reading the woman’s father came in jumping and hopping about. He talked about her abdomen issues and that it was ‘a bit lower than that.’ He seemed a bit frantic. Although I wasn’t sure what all the hopping around was about. Had he been a dancer during this particular lifetime here on earth? He wanted her to listen. She did.

This time when she came in she was bald with the after-affects of chemo therapy. She was solumn in her manner as she reached out with her hand to hold mine. It was the first time we had seen one another in person, since the original reading and messages that had come through. “Thank you. All is well,” she said.

She had brought a friend for a reading. A bit reluctant, she followed me to my reading room, within the shop. She too received many validations from her family members beyond the veil. She took notes.

Blanket on the sofa, piles of boxes, the fireplace. Her mom mentioned the room could use a dusting! Smudge. Let some light into the room. My client smiled, remembering her mom. So much information within the 20 minutes we shared together, waiting for the next message to come through. Personalities of loved one validated. Life after death.Held still in the memories of time gone by. Comfort in the knowing, deeply felt in the soul. These are the moments of validation that ease the heart. Such a multitude of blessings from the other side.~