Friend: (Addressing people who were in judgement)

“How about not spreading hurtful rumors and just ask me? OR trust that I’m a good person and leave me alone?”

My Response:

“I hear you, friend. There are no ‘good’ answers or reason for any of this. People are very conditioned and confused away from genuine closeness in general. Not all are. Talk to the people who hear you. You are a joy and you exhibit this. Some people feel stark realization around this about how little they have within themselves. They want to strike back out of pain. It can be upsetting to hear them and to know that they are suffering. Not to feel sorry for them because that shows them that there is no hope – that how they think and feel can never change. We can create strong, healthy boundaries. We can create this for children by exhibiting this in the face of such diversity. The people who try to tear you down want what you have and haven’t been shown how to get it so they suffer. Be the example, as you are. Move forward with your life dreams and aspirations. This is how you can truly show others that there is hope and a way to not live in such desperation. You are more than okay. You are living the dream even though it may not always look like it to yourself and others. Keep moving forward. I know you will. You are a blessing to us all.”


Friend: “It gets to me on a personal level in some way, of course, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t… but I try to focus on the world view and what this means for the human race if we’re all so narrow-minded and hurtful to each other.”

My Response:
“People are suffering because they are unable to speak their truth. When we decide we can’t speak our truth we feel trapped and lash out like an animal. We call ourselves human and have all these expectations about this passed from one generation to the next. We ‘expect’ and we oppress our truth. We feel more fear. It really begins with the individual to speak their truth compassionately and move forward as an example. One at a time. We are an animal, a mammal. It is okay to be genuine.”
Speak your truth in compassion, to be an example to others. To heal and move forward in life.