Being Beyond Duality: The Spider As The Ego
Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

Many times I have given this talk about being beyond duality. Sometimes people get up and walk out, often times people have a confused look on their face, other times huge smiles. Sometimes people feel threatened by addressing their taught-thought patterns that they have been working with throughout their life time. This is what they know, what their families have taught them, what they believe in and what assists them in feeling safe in their world. This is their reality. Their paradigm. And yet it is just this process, this letting go of our taught-thoughts and attachments that assists us in moving forward, to a higher, stronger vibration and universal understanding. Kind of like the proverbial camel going through the eye of the needle. It is possible to let go of what we have been taught to believe in from the previous generation, so that we can experience another form of reality. It is even possible then to let go of this new reality, to experience the bliss of being beyond duality.

What do I mean by being beyond duality? I can tell you it is not about our ego. Ego would keep us stuck in duality. Like a spider to the web. Our soul wants of us to soar and return to the place beyond duality. Our soul wants deeply for us to realize we are much greater than this space of duality, this mundane world.

Our physical body is a vessel that carries our soul through life on the physical, material dimension to learn, and to grow. Our mind yearns for knowledge and wisdom, which is a sum of all our interactions and experiences. We came here to this land of  duality to experience.  Though we may get stuck in the scenario that we have created to experience ourselves through, we cling to this paradigm and may become sentimental about it. We then fall into the spiders web of  duality. What label can we attach to that? Would the label of hell fit? Some say that hell is here on earth. Some say not. Duality.

Universal truth is wisdom beyond duality. It is not about the place of having no feelings; a void. It is about the place that holds our soul. That place within us that we have labeled as spirit self. We can do the most for others when we take on our own spiritual power. What we give to self, we give to others. What we give to others, we let go of and this then touches the universe.

We create what we believe in. We put thoughts in our heads and decide what thoughts to keep or toss out. We have this ability. No one can make you keep a thought in your head without you giving permission. We are in charge of  this process. What we believe in, we decide to believe in. If something is true for you, it ‘is.’ It may not necessarily be true for another. This gives us the space to create and manifest our individual selves through. We can decide to feel great pride in this creation of self. We do have the ability to let go of one thought to cling to another, like a monkey swinging and holding onto one vine to grasp another. Thoughts can make us think we may fall if we let go. The human mind may think this sounds a bit frightening. Letting go can and does lead to empowerment. Letting go signifies that the one thinking has thought a thought that created a feeling that then, felt courageous. This feeling of bravery may lead to security within self to allow the letting go process. During this process we may decide to feel our hearts opening and to feel less vulnerable.

When we truly open our hearts; our soul and go beyond the duality of earthly senses while here on earth, we can touch the highest vibration of love. Yet, this is not what some refer to as heaven. There is no love in heaven. There is something much greater. Heaven is another label we have given to a place of  what we would refer to as ecstasy. It is while in this vibration of what we refer to as heaven, that we can forget about our loved ones, all that held us here in this duality to just be in the clear vibration that is beyond duality and anything we have known while here on earth. Beyond love. That is what I mean by, ‘there is no love in heaven.’ Love is a word we made to describe a taught-thought that created a feeling about a certain experience. We are all much greater than that, while at the same time the experience of a divine love is within us all when we choose to connect with it. The very idea that it takes a thought to create a feeling that we can act upon, is constricting and is duality itself.

Soul energy is the now moment. As the physical, material body breathes in the now,  it also breathes out the past, letting go. This is duality, also. We breathe in to breathe out to choose to live. As we breathe out and let go of life, we are then allowing our reality to slip away, as we learn and experience. As we move through time and space, the atoms of our physical body separate from one another as we choose to let go of the material, physical world. Our true power remains always and ever as our spirit self.

We can all work towards moving beyond the old paradigm of duality and polarization. The love/hate, old/new, good/bad, right/wrong of things. We can be in the now moment beyond duality, connecting with the universe, filling ourselves with the peace that this space of our soul allows. Like a boat drifting with the currents of time, we can relax and let go. We can create a space where the mind is quiet and the soul connects. Within this space as soul, we are never without, always with all. We are the universal mind while we are here and when we leave. We are what we seek. This is sacred and holy.

Here on earth the highest vibration is love. Also a duality of love/hate. As we release our physical body, we enter into a space of beyond duality. We let go of love. We let go of duality and enter into a space of what some have described, returning from this place after a near death experience as peace. They say it cannot be described, the peace and joy is so immense. It is beyond our taught-thoughts and that of any guttural sound; word or label that we have been able to imagine while here on earth. There is peace because we are outside of duality and our rote paradigm.

By recognizing and working to see the place in all beings that desire only to love and be loved, we open the doors to a more peaceful world while here on this fine earth, and to deep healing and more meaningful connection for all of us. Being beyond duality is serene. It is living here on earth as a spiritual being.

Let us then join together to support a new paradigm of being beyond duality for all who inhabit our planet, by recognizing that our soul is peace itself. Together, we can transform our lives and world by choosing to move beyond duality and the spiders web of polarization to the recognition of the common soul that we all share.

After I wrote this I had a dream/message about humans being ‘pods’ of thoughts. Limiting thoughts. Thoughts that we have been taught to think and believe to be ‘real.’ I have been asking for messages throughout the day, as well. In reference to ‘pods’ I received this article talking about ‘pods’:

“Let us meet in the silence, beyond words & duality.” – Being Beyond Duality