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About Moonlight Gifts: Absolutely stunning! I love it! When I have more funds I am going to go hog wild and buy, buy, buy! I could have spent all day in there! Its a very soothing atmosphere! I loved it!

A response from someone who attended last nights Meditation, Healing, and Reading in Group Session led by Michele Nappi, Mystic Medium:

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed last night. I feel your gift helps so many people, including myself, probably much more than you know. I found it is soothing and comforting to listen to other peoples readings as well and witness the many validations they received through you from spirit.”

“My daughter also moved out this summer (my only child). I have struggled with this emotionally as well, as I know my husband has, but more through his actions than verbally. I could feel your pain during your discussion of this similar experience with your son. Even, with your sharing of what I would refer to as a common “human experience”, but one which is rarely discussed or validated in that way, is another example of how you are able and open to share your wisdom with others. Thank you.” MD

“It was great spending time with you last night. Very powerful! I have really been working on trusting my gut in the past year, listening to my intuition. That was validated when you were talking to me about my future tenant. You described her well and even saw the rent amount! It felt good to know I was on the right track.”

“Thank you Michele, I am grateful that you use your gift so well!”

“One of the most powerful moments for me was being with each one of you in the group consciousness that seemed to be showing itself as the readings progressed. Symbols would repeat themselves showing us that we are together in more than the way we have been conditioned to think. I loved that too! Mine continued this morning with the animal theme. H. said “Mama I missed you last night when you were at your meeting” I said “so did I” then out of the blue he said “animals change colors when they go to the doctor” I think he was talking about their auras and it felt like a continuation from last nights (event) animals coming thru”. K.