I believe we are seeing things in life that have been ‘hidden’ so that we can release them and heal. We can choose this or to keep experiencing things, even if we say we don’t like it – if our beliefs still reflect this vibration we keep living it. Our ego is stubborn. We are very sentimental about our taught-thoughts. ~ michelenappi.com


Such a mix of emotions for me. This month marks the 7th anniversary of my sister’s murder. No one thinks this sort of thing will happen to them or in their group of family/friends. When it does, it is quite an awakening. We find out the most about ourselves and others emotional strength and/or weaknesses. People want to know if they are safe. If the murderer is lurking around. I understand that. The murder is not solved. It happened many states away.

I’ve heard from others that I am someone people come to for support, to find the strength within themselves, for comfort. I am not the type of person who just knows this readily for what ever reason. I am also the person that other people tell everything to. I pick up on things either way. I know truth. I know integrity and honesty.

We know when we are loved. When someone has the capacity to love themselves or others. The history around my sisters murder was twisted and people ‘wrote it off.’ I’ve carried on. I’ve had support from some I knew would be there for me and found out that some just cannot muster enough within themselves to be there for someone else. I see things others don’t see. I know things years ahead of others, for whatever reason. That is the life of an empath, a medium, a healer, a sensitive. It can feel like the dark night of the soul.

Again, I brave through it all. Heal the best I can to be there for myself and others. I do get joy from this. The world is a beautiful place. In honor of my ancestors; in honor of all, I live. It’s a conscious choice I’ve come to over and over again. Every time I breathe in I commit to life, every time I breathe out I release.

I love you Lisa. I’ve fought the battle with you, sometimes silently. There are things others will never understand and the whole mix of reasonings. There are those that will never live in truth. They know who they are. Those that do such atrocities to others and remain ill. That is the true confusion. They are unable to really be there emotionally. Then there is the opposite, here in this land of duality. Such a mixture of emotions. Thoughts. You are at peace. I know your soul is with mine. To this I take my next breath and my next step forward. Maybe one day when we feel we can speak our truth and own it. Maybe in this truth we can heal and no one will want to kill themselves or others to get rid of the pain and suffering within. Maybe when we can talk openly about childhood sexual abuse. Maybe then, when we stop using our bodies as weapons, to destroy. There is not a bomb big enough to do the damage this has done to our civilization. Of all the consequences of not feeling loved. Not knowing safety or trust. Choosing the same frequencies of vibrations over and over because one only knows this. When others stop blaming, shaming, controlling because they themselves cannot handle the abuse of themselves, desperately wanting to be done with it, knowing this cannot happen in the way it has been done repeatedly. When we are brave. Honest. When we learn to be present within our deepest suffering, holding it close to our heart to find peace. Maybe then, Lisa. I will walk forward in this knowing. I will walk for you, myself and the all of everything. ~ michelenappi.com