Feeling this today. Being of service spiritually; as a mystic, can feel isolating at times. When we are in our ego we are not really there for ourselves or others. Sometimes the pull feels strong and sharp, like salt in a wound. I am sensitive and quiet. I like to smile for the sake of smiling and not for entertainment. I like it to feel real. I’ve always been the one people turn to when they are wounded, feel the need for comfort and compassion. Today I feel wounded – even though there is no ‘real’ reason, there is or I wouldn’t be feeling this way. So I honor myself. Hold myself dear to my heart. Breathe deeply and with grace, move forward.

There are times when we are in survivor mode that we store up our energy, creating aches and pains within, focusing on the outer self; the ego. When we decide to choose a different thought; when we feel grounded and held with the arms of strength and wisdom, we realize, release, and find relief.

When we release, we look closely at what kept us held down, so that we can let it go – as we are ready and prepared to. Not to force it or do it for anyone or anything else. Not to victimize, but to honor and respect ourselves.

At a cellular level we ‘know’ as we live the lives of our ancestors and all that is. The miracle cure? Changing our thoughts. One small step at a time can reap huge benefits.


At first, it may not seem like much is happening until you begin to realize other thoughts follow the first, and so on. You become aware of a different feeling frequency within your body, mind, and spirit.

When you make a positive difference in one person’s life, you’ve done your share. Make it your own and you affect the whole.” – michelenappi.com

Your card is…


Latin: Helianthus

Color(s): Golden-Yellow

Archetype: The Solar King and Lunar Queen. The Solar King (Sun) and Lunar Queen (Moon) direct us to a place of indestructible purity within—a sanctuary of true Selfhood where the Divine Will of the enlightened male combines with the Universal Love of the enlightened female.

Signature: A summer annual that can grow to twelve feet in height, with a sturdy, strong stem and large leaves that are toothed at the margins. The round, flat disc at the center of the sunflower is composed of tiny tubular flowers growing in a spiral design. At the end of summer, it bows its head to offer the earth its many seeds.

Healing Properties: Sunflower helps to balance the first chakra, assisting with healing the masculine and feminine archetypes so that one may come to rest safely in one’s own power.

Healing: The Sunflower is indigenous to North America and was originally cultivated by the first known people to live on this continent, Native American Indians. The ancestors honored the cycles of nature, and in this context, worshipped the Sunflower as a symbol of the continuity of future generations and the passage of the sun through the heavens – for the flower carries within it many seeds and many cycles. Sunflower teaches you that the will to live, and the will to survive, and the will to be integral, honoring Earth Mother and her bountiful resources, are essential aspects of your Earth Walk. When the Sunflower makes its appearance, she enters the garden of your life, bestowing radiant golden light, symbolizing higher vision and keen awareness. The power that is granted through Sunflower is always offered to one who is grateful and humble in their Earth Dance. This is your gift, to walk lightly upon the Earth while shouldering mighty vows of service. Isha Lerner