Saw hands of light this morning. Thought of Barbara Brennan.http://www.barbarabrennan.com/

Man just came in my shoppe; Moonlight Gifts. On the way out, as he opened the door he said, “Have you ever heard of Barbara Brennan?” I said, “Yes.” He said she was good friends with his mother. I told him I had seen ‘the hands’ this morning and thought of Barbara Brennan. He smiled and said, “Energy flows.”
I have been talking about this today and recently, as well. How energy flows. How we can ‘float’ through life. Use the imagination and see yourself floating on water. How our soul within us, flows. I had asked spirit to be with me daily and even so, I know that of coarse this would be the truth – how could it not be as we are what we seek. We are the consciousness; universal flow.