We are what we seek. We are all of everything and beyond. Beyond duality. We are Reiki. We are the energy of all that is. Any label you want to put on it. Same for getting Reiki attunements. We ARE this energy. We ask as a reminder – when we are ready – to BE our true self . We are ‘playing the illusion.’ Stuck in the Land of Duality. We believe what we have been taught-thought; conditioning so that we won’t think we are crazy. Yet, we create the thought/feeling of craziness within because we KNOW there is so much more than what is before us. What is within us; this is who we are as the all-knowing presence of consciousness itself! Ask and you shall receive because you are already that. The asking and the receiving is the dualistic approach; until we know differently. Knowing si the intellect and is a short coming. Knowing can be brilliant and yet, emotionally deviant. Knowing is only as you allow it to be. A false assumption. A random bit of dialect. A piece of the pie, not the whole pie. Not pie at all. Being beyond duality. Beyond the intellect; feeling, enacting. BE. Be your true self. Be beyond the self. Beyond the dualistic presentation of reality. My child you are so much more than you have allowed yourself to acknowledge. To feel. To emote. The time has come.

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