Maybe it was because I was new. Maybe it was because of the purity of an open heart that bled you. Maybe that was why. I cry. Maybe I came into being as BEing. To awaken. To show what could be. Newness. Openness. Fragile delicate flower of sweetness. All is that comes into being. Those that have forgotten cannot often stand this energy and seek to squash it; destroy it; seek that it not be before their eyes, their sense of any kind. Yet, it comes again and again to awaken those who have fallen asleep in the Land of Duality. Where thoughts are taught. Where conditioning is believed without a doubt. Until the gables come. Until the color is seen. Until the heart screams in it’s opening, tearing at itself, to realize, release, to find relief. Tear yourself open. Roar you mighty beast. Crash you great mountain, crash. You will realize self is but a dream. The universal mockery. Maybe we were all just bored in the all-knowing presence. michelenappi.comgreengoldlightspace