I’ve been having very vivid, in color, like I am actually there, dreams. I felt my heart expand and it felt like I had just finished crying – you know that wonderful release and comfort you feel when you have had a ‘good’ cry?

I feel like I am with people in the dreams; in the ethers. Sometimes I recall the conversations and then I meet them; usually they come into the shop and then we talk and I realize it all happened in the ethers before we reiterate in person.

I feel this is evidence that we create our reality. I understand that we suffer to show us where we are in ‘life.’ That our taught-thought conditioning keeps recreating our reality/sanity.

As we awaken; as we become conscious of this we have a greater responsibility – a wider range of choice – a choice of frequency of vibration. We often let all of this go – even as astounding as this awakening may be – for the sentimental life of conditioned taught-thoughts. When we are attached/clinging we are looking for ‘who we are’ through something or someone else, when all along we are ‘home’ in our spirit body living this ‘human’ material/physical conditioning. How powerful are we? Where do our choices lead us? Are we the cart, the horse, the carrot, or the reins? All and none and everything.

The more conscious I become, the more I AM. We get to see the truth instead of our personal egoic truth. THE truth would be true for all without exception. Would be serene. The tree – nature – is what it is. The peace within our soul spirit is nature, is consciousness.

Such beauty cannot be told through the weak frequency of thoughts or words. Been there done that. I’ve been out and about and what I have experienced is so far beyond duality.

At first it was shocking in my reality. At first I felt like I was confused. Did I not recall something? Then the more it happened the more I accepted my new found consciousness. That does not mean I through my ‘old’ reality away. I go back and forth like everyone else does. Take the one step out into some different frequency to check it out and see ‘how it fits.’ Then Take two steps back into comfortable, well-worn shoes. Even if the shoes no longer fit. Even if it causes great suffering. This is the way of awareness in this material, physical form. I am very joyful and grateful I am allowing this experience. At first it felt like I was a rebel and that that was not okay. Taught-thought. Now, it is what it is and I get to choose what I think of it. Imagine it to be. So much freedom in choosing from all the frequencies. So much to explore. I have always loved science. I know it sounds silly but it reminds me of garage saling. You never know what you are going to find! Courage. ~ Michele Nappi – Author