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When you feel your gut tightening up, when your shoulders ache, you neck hurts, your back aches, you feel depressed, you can know that you are holding back your truth. Your body is the last place this energy shows up in to get you to realize your suffering. You are suffering your choice of not expressing your reality at this time.
How do we serve our highest good, our truth? No one is right or wrong. We live our truth; re-live patterns of behavior brought about by conditioned thoughts, until we do not. We are as enlightened as we possibly can be in any given moment.
When we realize, we have released to find relief. The three R’s. Right in the moment is the realization coming to the conscious mind, settling into our newly found belief system; our reality.
Language realization leads to choice. Leads to clarity of thought. Leads to feeling differently. This is how to serve our highest good – our truth. – Michele Nappi – Author