When we defend our position we create a focus of equal and opposite friction, the velocity of force needed to continue with that agenda; addendum.

We cannot see, hear, or know anything else and will indeed destroy ourselves and anything else along with it as it cuts off all circulation to the mind. To the heart and soul. This is why even great minds fail.

So, yes build up the power, create the force that you feel is needed and yet, the sage keeps the window of opportunity open for fresh air, so one does not suffocate to death along with all hopes and dreams of a greater future.

One states their purpose with the mind, the intellect. One also trusts the almighty governing body of the greater universal truth, which would be true for all without exception. Anything that divides is conquerable. All that unites, has always been and always will be. On-going, growing, there for all to experience.

Stand up to be counted and know this universal truth that flows within you, and know when to sit back and rest while allowing the breath of new life into creation. – Michele Nappi – Author – Medium