Understanding that your thoughts affect your feelings is a way to decide how you would prefer to feel and be in this world of duality. You have a well-worn map all ready for your discernment. ~ Michele Nappi – Author

If you are bullying yourself you are bullying others. Make no mistake about it, you are.

We are trained early on in this perception. Thoughts. Emotions. Touching. Smelling. Seeing. We judge. We are taught to judge. We may not be taught that we do not need to take the care-givers perception into our own being. We believe we do even if it goes against our original conceptual understanding.

Not every one or everything is taught that hot may burn. Some are taught by example. Burning the flesh hurts. A tall luminous being hovering over a tiny being while yelling, frothing at the mouth and pointing a finger injures the subtle body. Injures the soul.

As we maneuver along life’s pathway, we take what we have been given and forced to address. It can be confusing. We may conform, though may secretly rail against it. The most fearful among us bully the most often. They bully themselves through the taught-thoughts stuck into their neurological brain activity. We feel the stretch in our subtle body. We attempt to release the suffering without knowing how to do this.

We pass it along to the next generation hoping somehow that this will release us from our own suffering. We forget it is all encoded in our genetic structure; our DNA. We are our ancestors and any we create. Past and future mix together to form a strand of energy that can be scientifically shown to all. We can see then what has been denied. There it is on paper. In our blood. Our spit.

What we can do is to bring this all to the surface. We can hold this information to our heart and soul, to be reborn. We can choose thoughts that create comfort, ease, peace, compassion. We can bully less. We can forgive. Move forward with our lives. Follow the map of discernment.