Everything you do think or make is being recorded by energy frequency. By space. What you think, say, and do adds to the energy of what is already there. If you are angry you add to the anger that is already there and make it stronger. If you have compassionate thoughts and actions, this energy adds to the energy that is already there, growing and multiplying. Think about it.

When you are enraged at something or someone you add to that frequency and keep this type of energy in motion. It is up to each individual to make a change, if this is what you decide. We have free will. Yes, the energy is malleable. Yes, things can change, if not all motion would not be there. There would be no possibility of change.

As we become more aware; as we awaken, we find the great and luminous responsibility that is enacted upon each and every one of us. We can no longer proverbial finger outward, but inward. It is up to each and every individual! YOU create your own reality. The responsibility lays in the fact that you draw to you more of what you agree with. In this agreement is choice. At any given moment; in presence you find peace. In quieting the mind, you create peace. ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium – Author