So much strength and courage in realizing, releasing to find release. The other night I was finally able to cry about a situation that I have been involved in for many months. I felt this relief. It is important to know our true selves, our authentic selves and to believe in what we perceive. Even in our darkest moments of fear. When we deny these moments we deny our true selves. It is more than okay to cry – it is vital to our well-being!

Are you suffering?

Come into the moment, this moment of comfort & peace.

Breathe into presence. Breathe presence.

You are this energy. ~ Michele Nappi

When we are aware and we deny this awareness, we lose trust in ourselves. When we lose this trust, we become fearful. We manipulate our lives around this fear, losing ourselves.

In this death there is also an opportunity for rebirth. The cycle never dies, only our perception of it.

We sink down. We condense into survivor mode. We close ourselves off and create the contrast between light and dark to experience suffering. When we suffer like this and are in fear, we want to blame anyone, anything else because we idolize fear.

We seek out others with the same energy and begin to wonder why people are the way they are. This is an opportunity to open our heart, to welcome the light of awareness, to become a peaceful warrior! Stand strong and brave within your being, in gratitude, in the present moment as it is free of the past and the future.

Suffering comes with it the opportunity to realize compassion into our very being. They are one in the same. Feeling sorry for ourselves creates an opportunity for gratefulness. They live together, as one.

You or me mentality carries along with it the death of our heart and soul, and yet we can choose to feel alive through being, instead of doing. Finding pure comfort, like resting in an easy chair after a long, grueling day of toil; emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental work. We can rest.

We can realize our home in our own body. This is where we live. We can choose to cherish this body as a sacred space. Being mindful we find we live there inwardly. How do we want this to feel? We do not need to run and hide from the body. We are a wondrous cell in the life of the universe and beyond!

We may have chosen to believe that society shows us to be fearful and to hide ourselves and to act things out through material and physical ways and yet, we each singular being, make up the whole. We are that society we are looking at.

Could there be a different way? Another way of looking at ourselves and others? You might say, “Yes, but I am so afraid!” Congratulations! Why? Because this means we have brought fear up to our awareness to become conscious of it. All of this is a saving grace of opportunity to do with it what ever we want to do – to be in the egoic realm or the heart and soul of eternity. Always there is a choice. There-in lays freedom, within the present moment beyond the preconceived notions of duality and conditioned reality. Live in this moment. . ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium – Author