In our family we conserve, pass things down, pass it forward, find ways of being eco friendly. My daughters pass down clothing, cook from scratch, make wonderful creations, support one another in parentage, share what they have learned, etc.

My son received his brothers used computer monitor because that brother had purchased a new computer. This son then gave me his used monitor. I have been using a 15 year old monitor and now have a new-to-me one. While I adapted to the older model, this one is really nice. It had no sound. My son bought me speakers and I just set them up. Nice to hear. Nice to feel loved and thought about. We pass that along, as well. I feel truly blessed knowing that there are hearts that beat with thoughts of me. I hear them say things out loud like, “I love you. It is nice to have a supportive, loving family.” There was a time that I could not have accepted this because of a traumatized childhood. Even then I believed there was more out there than what I was experiencing. I knew it deep within myself somehow.

Now I get to see it, accept it, allow it, and I do. The journey has been, and is now a rich and fulfilling one. Yes, there are times I lose sight of this and yet, I always come back around to this sacred space within my own heart and soul that knows beyond the shadow, the light that is fiercely loving and kind. One that is compassionate and true. This I share with you. If you stomp on it, I have grown to understand that that is where you are at. That that is the ego and it’s format. It is okay because that is the process given and taught. When we both come together and experience an open heart, that is the place of nirvana, of all-knowing presence that is forever there. If it weren’t no one would have the ability to experience it. For me, I think of this as a choice. Even in the most piercingly, poignant times of life that make a body shudder and a mind crack, it is there for all. Always. ~  Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium – Author