Anxiety is fear of the future. We do not trust ourselves. We have accepted that our sacred truth does not matter.

Anger is the defense against the dark arts; pain, suffering. In it, we create more of the same.

Since when does the other person’s opinion of us matter more than our own? We have been taught-thought this and pass it down to each and every generation, unless we do not. All is matter. It is what you make of it.

Depression/repression/oppression is truth we do not allow ourselves to have. Our sacred truth. Allow your every thought to blossom and grow wildly without ill-will. Like a child. So much of what we have been taught is the ill-usion. If you cannot speak it, it settles into your gut, where dis-ease grows and multiplies. Without allowing, we become stagnant and dis-eased.

Sadness is regret of the past. Regret that anything happened. That we had no control. We believe this and yet, within ourselves is the well of purity. The all-knowing presence of comfort and peace. Realize, release, relief.

Clinging, we suffer. We choose this over the unknown fear. We feel safer in the known, even if it kills us. We die a million deaths and do it all over again in the same way hoping for difference. Let it all go.

When roots grow up in the air and leaves blossom in the dirt, we will experience the release of this illusion. Allow the terror of what is holding your heart to become alive so that you can see it for what it is. Nothing at all.