During Advanced Psychic Development I gave each student attunements to each of the 8th – 12th chakras. I have received word independently from some of them that they are experiencing phenomenal visions. I would like to share one of mine.

These and other attunements have become a passion of mine. I have witnessed many ‘miracles’ in body, mind, and spirit! Remember that a miracle is something unexpected. So is humor and trauma/tragedy. When we experience the unexpected it ‘holds us still – in the present moment.’

A woman came in for a mediumship reading. We have met multiple times around an anniversary date. I have a reading room space. She went in before I did to sit in the big, comfy chair that sinks in and ‘hugs’ people as they receive their messages. As I entered the room I saw the most beautiful indigo (the color of the bird Indigo Bunting) orb on the left side of her head just above her ear. It’ held me still’ for a moment. I mentioned it to her. Like humans do, I immediately searched for a ‘human explanation’ to this spirit/soul experience, then realized it was not a piece of hair adornment but, a miraculous event.

The miracle of tragedy was lifted. Healing had taken place. Restored belief, faith, and life was present in multiple dimensions. This doesn’t ‘fix’ it all. Nothing ‘needs’ to be fixed. Nothing is broken. It is a process. Though our heart may feel deep suffering, it has the ability to mend and feel deep grace and beauty. ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium – moonlightgiftshoppe@yahoo.com