Development of the Unconscious Self Into Consciousness of Enlightenment – Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

1. Focus. You are what you seek. You create through your thoughts that create a certain frequency of vibration in your body, that attracts this same vibration to you. This is a mirror effect. When we act out our unconscious, egoic conditioning we create attachment and addiction. Lower frequency vibration of thinking is our greatest addiction. Thoughts can become living things. This becomes our cycle of life. In duality, where there is darkness there is light. Bring your unconscious conditioning and taught-thoughts out into the light of day, so to speak. As you focus, come to an understanding within yourself. Release and move forward.

2. Healing: When you focus you bring up denser energy within yourself to release. When we do this we sometimes take a step ‘back’ and find ourselves feeling ‘down.’ We know that in duality we have chosen words to express what we are experiencing. We may find ourselves in a rut. Reminder: what comes up is to be released. Accept yourself where you are. What we resist, persists. Take a break and rest. Breathe light into your body. Allow what ever is ready to pass, to pass. Reiki; universal energy is a beneficial healing modality to soothe the mind, emotions, and physical body. Reiki meets you where you are and raises your particular frequency of vibration. It assist in psychic development, as well!

3. Meditate: This is not meant to be painful or overly time consuming. Take a few minutes when you shower to bless the living water that you cleanse yourself with. Say, ‘thank you.’ You might even smile, to experience the body’s natural endorphins and serotonin release. Imagine your chakras being cleansed and balanced. See the ‘yuk’ go down the drain. As you give thanks imagine being grounded to the earth following the blessed living water down into mother earth.

4. Support: You are your main support. When we think we are alone, this increases separation feelings. When we are ‘down’ we feel alone in the energy we have created through our thoughts. This is not meant as judgment or blame, it is an awareness to work with. You are empowered and enlightened. You are a very powerful Being. Find others of like-mind who support you and encourage you. We are all in this together. No one is ‘better’ or ‘worse.’ This is all a part of releasing old, worn-out taught-thoughts. As we expand our vibration to a finer frequency, we are bring forth unconscious attachments, additive ways of thinking we may not be aware of and have chosen to release. We look at these thoughts not to injure ourselves or others, but to let them go. It is a process. Thinking can become an addiction, just like any other. Take time and be sure to give yourself a break for fun and enjoyment. This is not a race. It is an experience and we get to decide what to make of it.

5. Practice: Practice what you believe in. Practice with yourself and others. For example: Cut out a few photos from a magazine. Turn them over so that you don’t see the picture you have chosen. Move them around and around. Pull one out, without looking at the image. Write down what ever you pick up. The turn the picture over. You can do this with paint sample cards you can find at a hardware store, too. You your imagination. Experiment. Call a friend or have a friend call you. Tell them what you physically ‘see’ around them, what feelings you are picking up; use your senses in this distance exploration.

6. Tools: Pick which ever tool resonates with you at the time; gemstones, oils, Tarot, tree hugging, laughing, Rune stones, magic, pendulums, and so forth. Glean what you can from the energy. Remember that as a physical body you are a tool as well, to explore. Experience sensations, emotions, moods, touch, sight, breath, etc. You might think of what you ingest into the body as a tool; liquid and fiber. Sustenance. Sometimes we use food and liquids to satiate and console. What tools are you choosing to create through? A great tool is journaling. This is your private history for you to look back on over time to see where you have been and where you would like to go. You get to see yourself in a way that you may not have expected. You get to release your expectations. Praise yourself for your courage and bravery when ever you read through your journal. See that when you have written down your truth in the moment that you are a warrior, a goddess. Why do you think people through the ages have created anything like art, music, theatre, and so forth? We do it to experience the release of creation so that we can continue creating anew. We show others that they can experience this, too. We show ourselves that reality is in the eye of the beholder. We give ourselves and others our blessing.

7. Give and Receive: Give to receive. Receive to give. The cycle of life is great abundance. When we choose to stop giving we stop receiving and vise versa. Give to yourself so that you can receive from others. Give to others so that you are open to receive. For some it is much more comfortable to give than to receive. For some receiving the compassion and care from outside of ourselves hurts. What is expected of us in return, we think. We may feel vulnerable. As we release fear, we can accept caring and compassion without the worry that we owe something back. As we do this, we become a gentle soul. We release our ego and connect with our heart. We come to an understanding within ourselves that all is well.

8. Listen to hear yourself. If you don’t listen to yourself you create a space for the same frequency of vibration to fill. When we are feeling separated out from others, we can take that as a cue that we have not been listening to ourselves; our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual selves. We are human in this dense, physical form and yet we are also the universal soul energy. You can say to yourself, “I hear you.” Treat yourself the way you would like to be treated. This increases your awareness exponentially.

9. Imagery: Create a space within your mind that you can go to when ever you choose, to rest and relax. Create the home of your dreams and decorate it any way you would like to. Meditate there, give yourself a massage, a healing, drink of blessed living water from a fountain, surround yourself with the brilliance of any gemstone, color, frequency you would like! This is your space to shine and flourish. Meditate on this energy, on this imagery. Create. Accept. Allow. Breathe deeply.

10. Free will: You have free will. You create. You decide. Empower yourself. You are as enlightened as you possibly can be in any given moment. You are as free as you would like to be. Yes, you may say, “But I, could I, would I, should I (should denies reality – it either is or it is not), got to, must, have to” and so forth. Yet, you are in control. We all have fears. Cuddle with the fear. Hug your fear. Be your own best friend. Allow the fear instead of creating a stronger wall up against it. Talk to it. Tell yourself, “I have your back. I am here for you and with you always.”

11. Thank yourself: You are doing the very best you can in any given moment. Give yourself a pat on the back for your efforts. Support YOU. Say, “I am grateful. I believe in me. I trust me. I am fulfilled. I am at peace. I am blessed beyond measure. “ Even when we say these things and don’t really believe it at the time, we have created anew. It is a process. We take one step forward to two steps back and all the while knowing that in duality these are the confines. The not-so-simple truth is, “A truth is something you decide to believe in, most likely through sentimental conditioning and taught-thoughts. THE truth would be true for all without exception. “ It is up to you and has been all along. Within this knowledge lays your empowerment, your consciousness. I believe, you have known this all along. You came here as your soul with a deep knowing. This inner knowing has never left you. You may have left it, along the way and yet, you and I can connect with this great, vast knowing when ever we choose to. This is the all-knowing presence of pure consciousness that is nirvana, that is so very peaceful. You effect the whole! You are matter. You matter.

“What I say to you, I am saying to myself. Re-affirming belief structures. We are our own teachers. What are you saying to yourself right in the moment of now?” – Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

November 19, 2014
You build inner strength through embracing the totality of your experience, both the delightful parts and the difficult parts. Embracing the totality of your experience is one definition of having loving-kindness for yourself. Loving-kindness for yourself does not mean making sure you’re feeling good all the time—trying to set up your life so that you’re comfortable every moment. Rather, it means setting up your life so that you have time for meditation and self-reflection, for kindhearted, compassionate self-honesty. In this way you become more attuned to seeing when you’re biting the hook, when you’re getting caught in the undertow of emotions, when you’re grasping and when you’re letting go. This is the way you become a true friend to yourself just as you are, with both your laziness and your bravery. There is no step more important than this. Pema Chodron