The Process of Transformation with Dark Moon Mother

Compilation by Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

Generally, the three days prior to the new moon are known as the dark moon phase. The dark moon is a time for introspection; to move deep within ourselves and to find our own radiance. We have been taught to fear the darkness, things hidden from view, and that which goes bump in the night. But the dark moon phase should not be a fearful time. It is a time to address things within ourselves we don’t usually acknowledge, parts of ourselves we neglect, parts we find no longer useful, and as we move to the new moon phase, transform them.

The dark moon is also the time to honor the Dark Mother. It is she who challenges us to face ourselves and our shadows. Her dark energy can devour and unravel the parts of ourselves we do not wish to acknowledge, have neglected or wish to change. She is the complementary balance to light. Through darkness we emerge transformed.

During a dark moon ritual we celebrate the Dark Mother, visit with shadow self, acknowledge aspects of ourselves we no longer find useful, bring them to the surface and transform them into something with which we can move forward.

When we are in a transformation; at a crossroads, we often feel angst, trepidation, and a certain amount of vulnerability. Our fears may get triggered. When this happens; during these times of chaos, we tend to revert back to old taught-thought patterns of behavior. We feel lost, hopeless, and as if we are not moving forward. As humans we tend to rail against ourselves, seeing these times as a failure instead of an ‘aha’ moment of great courage and fortitude. This is our greatest time of achievement, as we are accessing higher dimensional thinking and feeling; our soul.

What to do? How to prepare. In order to care for ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually we can plan ahead. Gather all the things that uplift us ahead of time for such occasions. Why plan ahead? Why not know that we have our backs, so to speak, ‘just in case.’ You are making a statement about caring for yourself to the best of your ability.

Prepare a box of Basic Comfort Tools: Gather up a container; a box, a bag full of your basic comfort tools. Be prepared! This container might have in it a list of your favorites such as your favorite music, meditation, candle, lighter, charcoal, herb, oil, affirmations, books, etc. You are your greatest resource. You know yourself better than anyone else!

1. Rest

2. Eat healthy

3. Exercise

4. Meditate

5. Hydrate

6. Find a Comfortable Space

7. Talk to the Universe; God/dess

8. Journal

9. “Go to’ basic herbs, oils, gemstones

10. Uplifting Self-Talk (what has worked before)

11. Temporary – All is!

Realize – Release – Relief. God/dess Bless! Blessed be.