Amy Bruni ‘as seen on Ghost Hunters SciFi Channel’ GUEST SPEAKER

October 10, 2015 from 10-5PM

Hilton Burlington Hotel

60 Battery Street

Burlington, VT 05401


Speakers – Readers – Healers -Vendors – Aura Photography

12 FREE Workshops!

“Posted on facebook, my two blogs, Burlington Free Press, Seven Days, Craigslist, Witchvox, Pinterest, etc. today! Will keep posting off and on for the next few weeks. The event is almost full.

Amy Bruni ‘as seen on Ghost Hunters SciFi Channel’ (other half of deposit), hotel room, travel expenses, and the Hilton itself still to be paid through vendor enrollment funds DUE SEPTEMBER 1st.

I think this is the 18th year my family and I have been putting on this type of event. Not all at the Hilton Burlington. We have had them at local schools in our home town and other places. I remember so many people who have come to these events, fondly. Some vendors are now deceased. Time moves on but their memory is still alive. I appreciate them all.

As is typical I am up multiple times during the night ‘thinking’ about it all. I will wake up with a name and thus, reminded to put this name on the list of vendors/speakers, etc.

Many people say that they love the energy of these events. I know I have made a few mistakes along the way. I keep moving forward with your and my family’s support! Thank you.

Please remember to post the announcement on your facebook page, etc. and let people know where they can see you on October 10th! It all matters. We create this event together.”

Abundant Blessings for all, Michele