Our shadows are visible through light. As we face them, we become present. Truth = freedom. It must take tremendous courage and strength to face our inner demons. That is why it takes the time it takes. We are afraid. We feel such vulnerability in releasing.

Shadows within, shadows without. Cycles continue until we agree to face our fears. When we find the courage to let go, we have somehow created the strength it takes. This strength has always been there waiting, or we would have never found it!

What took me so long!? we say. It is the process. Now is the moment at hand. Shadows are okay. The Light is okay. Is is what it is. Walk the middle path. Release duality. Realize. Release. Relief.

Unless you choose to cling and find attachment. That is okay. It’s where you are at. As soon as you see this, the attachment is realized and released.

The most insidious lies are the ones we tell ourselves thinking we need to fit in, when everyone else is telling themselves the same thing. ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium