The Universes Daughter

This morning while in the shower I did a clearing, balancing, grounding meditation, as I usually do. I see the water as a purifier and amplifier of energy. I thank the blessed, living water for all of it’s many precious gifts. During this meditation I thanked the Universe for it’s many blessings, as well. How beautiful and perfect life is. It may not seem so wonderful at times and yet, it is all balanced through our taught-thought conditioning. We have a choice on which thoughts if any, we react to and work with. This creates the energy we live within.

During this meditation I saw a number 8. Infinity. Balance. Cause and effect. We cause a thought and effect our body and mind through the energy it creates for us and all. I also felt the energy coming from the Universe and beyond. Simple. Pure. Ever flowing. I felt very loved. I felt present. I also requested something specific. I saw many people coming into my metaphysical shoppe, full of light and joy. To me, they represent a great abundance.

I left the shower and proceeded with my day. I dressed in something ‘flowy’ and pretty, representing the free-flow of energy. My appearance met my perception. I received immediate validation from Source. As I came out into the kitchen there was a hair tie laying on the table shaped into the number eight. I also felt like pulling a Tarot card for three family members and I, for the day. Mine: Daughter of Discs. I use the Motherpeace Round Tarot deck. I like it because of it’s peaceful, uplifting energy and offerings. Daughter of Discs meaning: Vision quest to find a new name; bringing power down. I believe ‘down’ to be a perception of duality. Down in this tense meaning ‘filling and surrounding with joy and abundance.’

I am a daughter of the Universe whose great and mighty arms surround me and uplift me always, filling my open heart.

Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium